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The Mr Gambit Tips Certification Service was borne out of necessity.

In an unregulated world of self-proclaimed sports betting professionals and sports handicappers, suddenly everyone is hitting a 70 % success rate or higher and making free money off their sports bookmakers. What's even worse is that these handiscammers are selling their lies to unsuspecting and desperate punters who end up forking out useless membership fees as well as losing their shirt to their bookmakers.

My name is Ken Lee and I am a real profitable sports bettor. I started an Instagram Account that provided free plays to the public starting March 2021. In the eight months of being active on the social medial platform, Mr Gambit Tips has garnered a strong following and has built a reputation of being a well-respected name in the sports handicapping space. touting transparency above all else. 

Even to this day, there is very little transparency in the field. Most third party sports betting and tracking apps allow plays to be edited after a sporting event has resulted, or allow the resetting of results, wiping out losing streaks, and deliberately inflating a winning percentage. There is no proper documentation, auditing service or certification of sports handicappers.

To be fair, an honest and profitable sports handicapper is often well worth the fees they are asking. There are actually profitable sports handicappers out there, only it's almost impossible to tell who they are.

We feel this is our calling. Mr Gambit Tips is now offering the real sports handicappers a trusted independent auditing, verification and certification service. This is well overdue in our industry. 

Explore the rest of our site to learn more about what we have to offer, and get in touch with any questions.

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