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Committed to Transparency

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Here’s What We Provide

Mr Gambit Tips is offering all real sports handicappers an auditing, verification and certification service,

and a chance to have the Mr Gambit Tips brand be associated with your business.

A register of Certified Handicappers is available to the public so that they can make better informed decisions

on which memberships they are likely to join.

Given the growing number of unverified handicappers flooding the market,

a self-regulated certification service is well overdue in our industry. 

Read on to learn more about what we can do for you.



Verification Services

PanoPick is the preferred supplier for verification purposes. and the PanoPick app have been found to be the most suitable and reliable partner for the Mr Gambit Tips certification service.

Verification can no longer be achieved outside of the PanoPick app (given the complexity, cost, or impossibility with verification through free picks or other methods). 

In the event a handicapper is found to publish unsubstantiated results to the public in any way, shape or form they will be automatically disqualified from Mr Gambit Tips with immediate effect.


5 Levels of Certification

Level 1 Pawn - Application received. Certification pending.

Level 2 Bishop - 100+ picks verified.

Level 3 Knight - 300+ picks verified.

Level 4 Rook - 300+ picks verified. Overall results in positive units.

Level 5 Checkmate - 300+ picks verified. Overall results +100 units.



Trust is Everything

Trust is everything in this business. Both PanoPick and Mr Gambit Tips have built our reputations on trust and transparency. It is our aligned goals and mission to create a rising tide for a fairer betting community that unite and drive us.

We want real sports handicappers to be able to stand out from all other uncertified (and untrustworthy) cappers. 

To be given the Mr Gambit Tips stamp of approval would go a long way in building customer trust and boosting the memberships that you deserve!

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If you are a professional sports handicapper just starting out in this tough industry or you have been established for many years, we'd love to hear from you. Please reach out if you have any questions, comments or special requests.

Thanks for submitting!

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